Residency by investment


Residency program offers individuals the opportunity to legally acquire permanent residency status and live in another country in return for an investment in its economy

European Residency

Obtain permanent residency and the right to live in a European country, with visa-free travel within the Schengen Area.

Also permanent resident are entitled to free health care, good health care, no tax on global income and security for you and your family.

Germany Residency

Germany is a cosmopolitan democratic country with a great tradition, rich in history and culture with a booming economy.
Visa free travel to 176 countries and residency approved within 45 days

Ireland Residency

Ireland is home to many of the world’s leading technology companies, most notably Google, Intel, Facebook and Twitter. Ireland also known as Emerald Isle.
European Residency within 6 months and offers a pathway to European Citizenship after 5 years. Citizens can travel to 185 countries visa free.

Malta Residency

The Maltese government is pro-business and creating a company in Malta is straightforward, its legislation and tax system are amongst the most favorable in Europe.
Malta Residency and Visa Programme (MRVP) provides access to the European Schengen Area

Monaco Residency

Monaco is a sovereign city, state, country and micro-state set on the French Riviera in Western Europe. Since 1870 has not levied a personal income tax on its residents. Residents do not pay capital gains taxes and government does not levy net wealth taxes.
Visa-free travel throughout Schengen Area and Fast-track application process

Portugal Residency

Portugal enjoys a Mediterranean climate and culture, rich in history, incredible cuisine and stunning beaches.
A member of the EU and the Schengen Area, travel is visa-free within the 26 countries of the European Schengen Area.

Spain Residency

Spain is famous for its white sand beaches and snow-capped mountains.
Residents enjoy visa-free travel throughout the Schengen Area.

United kingdom Residency

The UK is one of the best connected countries on the planet and its capital city, London, is a cultural phenomenon that attracts citizens of virtually every nation on Earth to live, trade and create.
Applications processed in as little as 24 hours and opens a path to Permanent Residence in as little as two years, and UK Citizenship in as little as five.


North America Residency

North American residency you have the opportunity to reside in one of the world’s most prosperous economies – Canada or the USA. The two nations offer some exciting benefits with higher standards of living; excellent educational system and top rated medical services and haven for investors.

Canada Residency

Canada advanced economy is the tenth largest economy in the world relying on its abundant natural resources and well developed international network.
Québec permanent residency under 5 years and path to citizenship after five years. Visa free travel to 171 countries

United State Of America Residency

The USA has always been a place of opportunities and freedom, A country of immigrants and tolerance.
The EB-5 investor visa and E-2 visa offers some of the fastest and most robust routes to permanent US residency.
Application process is within 14-20 months.

Other Parts of the world

The other parts of the world programmes offer a wide range of business and lifestyle suitable for investor looking to obtain residency in thriving locations around the globe.

The Cayman Island

The Cayman Island status as one of the leading financial services jurisdictions in the world has made the islands a preferred address for global corporations and has contributed to a strong and stable economy. Citizenship in 5years

United Arab Emirate

The UAE’s economy is bolstered by a strong financial services industry and the wealth of natural resources in the country.
Its most populous city of Dubai is one of the world’s foremost cities
Fast-track process from 4 weeks right to reside in UAE.