Turkey officially known as The Republic of Turkey is an exciting mixture of unusual and memorable; Turkey is much more than a bridge connecting East and West. The country blends influences from the Mediterranean, Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans.
A large part of Turkey’s charm lies in its architectural landmarks, impressive classical cities and fortresses located on hilltops. Additionally, it possesses elegant Islamic headstones and fascinating city bazaars, alongside well-known chain stores and shopping malls. With a population of 79 million people, Turkey is a popular destination for leisure and business. The country’s performance over the decades has brought macroeconomic stability and increased employment and income.


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•Capital city:


Turkish Lira (TRY)

79.51 million

•Total area:
783,356 km2

•Time Zone:
UTC +03:00


Real Estate

•Minimum US$250,000 purchase of property.

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