The St Kitts & Nevis Government has updated their Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) to make it more competitive within the region.

They will now permit the sibling of the main applicant or his/her spouse to be added to the application if the meet the following criteria:

  • Unmarried
  • Childless
  • 30 years of age or younger
  • Dependant on the applicant for financial support

The additional cost to include a sibling will be US $40,000 under the real estate option or US $20,000 under the Sustainable Growth Fund.

The policy will only affect applications submitted from November 6th, 2020 onwards and may not be applied retrospectively to already-approved files.

As the world’s oldest CIP, St Kitts & Nevis continues to be attractive to private clients looking at second citizenship. Passport holders enjoy travelling to over 157 countries without the need to apply for a visa.

To see the complete list of visa-free countries use our Country Access Tool.

St. Kitts & Nevis does not impose personal income, inheritance or net-worth taxes which gives it a competitive advantage compared to many of the other CIPs.

Different Sibling Criteria for Caribbean CBI Countries:

This announcement puts the country in line with its other four Caribbean CBI countries: Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia and Antigua & Barbuda which all have included siblings in their applications for some time with varying criteria.

Antigua & Barbuda, St Lucia and Grenada do not require the sibling to be financially dependent on the main applicant (St Kitts & Nevis and Dominica do).

The maximum age for siblings allowed in St Lucia is 18, in Dominica it’s 25, and St Kitts & Nevis it’s 30. Grenada & Antigua have no maximum age restriction.

Additionally, Dominica recently amended their definition of dependents to include a wider range of family members, including adopted siblings.